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Feedentity allows to all farms to comply with the regulations in force, to keep under control production traceability and to create the Treatment Register and the register of agricultural activities.
Feedentity allows you to manage all the stock activities, to find on map your fields and greenhouses, to calcolate their cadastral data and to create your production groups. With Feedentity you will create your batches and manage all their internal operations.
Feedentity is useful for those who produce organic farming, because it allows them to create and print the Treatment Registers, the list of raw materials and crops.
Thanks to Feedentity, you will totaly comply with the integrated defence regulations and with the GlobalGap requirements.


The register of the agricultural activities must include some information:

  • Personal data of the company;
  • The name of the treated crop and its extension expressed in hectars;
  • The date of treatments;
  • The plant protection products that have been used;
  • Their quantity (expressed in kg or lt)
  • The adversities for which a treatment has been made.

By correctly recording the cultivation operations and the data of the individual production units, from sowing (or from the beginning of the production cycle) to harvesting, and precisely identifying each individual production batch, it is possible to create a real identity card for the product that arrives on consumers’ tables or in the previous links of the agro-food chain.

The register of the agricultural activities must be filled in by the owner of the company or by the agricultural assistance centres subject to authorisation by the competent local health authority. In addition to this, there are other cases:

  • if the user of the plant protection products is different from the owner of the company, the latter must sign the register at the end of the calendar year;
  • if the user is neither the owner nor the purchaser of the products, the register may also be completed by a different person provided that he has the owner’s proxy (to be kept together with the register);
  • when treatments are made by a third person, the register must be filled in by the owner of the company or treatments can be written by the third person and approved by the company owner;
  • speaking about cooperatives buying phytosanitary products, the register must be held in the social seat of the cooperative and the register must be filled in by the legal representative, subject to the delegation of the members.

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    With Feedentity you can create your stock and keep it always under control.
    Thanks to our updated data bank, you will always have access to technical information about products and you will work in total compliance with the regulations in force. In your stock(s) you can include:

    • Pesticides, fertilizers, seeds or plants, trap, plastic or fabric, auxiliaries, useful insects and more;
    • Product charge and discharge, use of the product directly on batches and transfer from a stock into another;
    • View of unsold stock and transactions, possibility to creare more than one stock;
    • Printing of unsold stock;
    • Printing of product technical information and details about use and amount.

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      FEEDENTITY allows to all farms to fill in the treatment register and to comply with the regulations in force.

      If you sign up free, you will take advantage of all Feedentity benefits and you will be sure not to risk penalties.

      Thanks to FEEDENTITY you will be able to have:

      • Treatment and fertilization register;
      • Complete traceability process;
      • Management of phitosanitary treatments in compliance with the Italian Law 150/2012 and to PAN;
      • Possibility to chech all the technical information about plant protection products;
      • Smart charge of crops, varieties, plant protection products, fertilizers, of the phenological stages from the data bank of Feedentity;
      • Management of irrigation;
      • Checks to comply to GlobalGap and PAN;
      • Checks on integrated defence regulations;
      • Checks on organic farming regulations.

      The register must be preserved for at least 3 years later than the year when operations were made and must be kept together with product invoices and with the copy of the purchase documents together with the risk classification.

      In italy you must take into consideration the “D.Lgs 150/2012″ and the “CIRCOLARE 30 ottobre 2002″ released by Mipaf.


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        With Feedentity you can identify your fields or greenhouses on map.

        Feedentity will calculate automatically the cadastral information of the drawn areas and you will always have the map of your production units available. You can overlay your drawing with the cadastral map and in this way you will know exactly which folio and parcel your fields or greenhouses lay on.

        Information about cadastral data can also be uploaded by hand by finding it on your holding files and you can modify it whenever you need.


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