The solution for your plant passports

Feedentity PLANTS is the solution for plant passport. It is a system for all kinds of plant producers, nurseries, importers and exporters and aims at managing traceability and plant passports in compliance with the new 2016/2031 EU Regulation.


It is a next-generation system that allows you to manage your production, traceability and the business process you have to follow according to the 2016/2031 EU Regulation, the 150/2012 Italian Law and PAN. If you choose Feedentity, a team of agrotechnicians and agronomists will help you to manage your company in the safest way. Moreover, the Feedentity approach will allow you to keep under control all your activities and your employees whenever you need and wherever you are and this will increase your efficiency level and will reduce management costs.

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    #Make it easier

    Feedentity simplifies business processes and allows you to comply with law in a very smart way.

    #Reduce costs

    Companies have to spend a lot of money to comply with the new 2016/2031 UE Regulation, printing plant passports is expensive and all the management process to carry out those activities is even more expensive. Thanks to Feedentity, instead, you will carry out everything in a very short time.

    #Save money and time

    You will have everything at hand, whenever you need you can check problems related to supplying and the stage of your production, you can keep under control all the activities of your employees, and all these possibilities are benefits Feedentity will give you to reduce the time you spend to manage your company and to comply with law.

    #Always by your side

    Feedentity is not only a simple software, it is a way to success, it is the possibility to have agrotechnicians and agronomists who follow your activities and who can eliminate all your doubts.

    #No more worries

    Feedentity gives you the chance to focus on what really matters and on your favourite activities.


    Feedentity PLANTS was released for the first time on December 14, 2019, when the 2016/2031 UE Regulation came into force. This version of Feedentity was created to help plant producers to comply with that new regulation.

    The 2016/2031 EU Regulation aims at improving the phytosanitary defense in the EU, because it has been poor in the last years. The most famous cases of spread of dangerous organisms are the Xylella fastidiosa, the Popilia japonica and the Anoplophora chinensis cases, which affected Italy as well.

    Click here to read the complete Regulation.


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      What changes with the Regulation

      The new EU Regulation still icludes all the previous obligations, such as plant passport, and introduces considerable news: the traceabilily of the agricultural production is mandatory.
      This means that every production unit must have a chronological history from reproduction to selling. Total traceability will be useful, in case you find a dangerous organism on a batch, to find and to control all the people of the agro-food chain who contributed to that production process. Passport has to have a tag put on the product and has to show the traceability code thanks to which you can check all the movements that that plant made.
      Every company can create a management plan of the risks related to dangerous organisms to communicate in advance to the competent authorities the production methods and the ways to combat a dangerous organism.
      This self-management plan is supposed to reduce checks made by producers.

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        Who are the stakeholders?

        The EU Regulation speaks about professional operators and identifies them as those who carry out activities related to plants, for example reproduction or warehousing or selling. Therefore, all the agro-food players are involved and not only those who import or export plants or plant material (objects which can contain or spread dangerous organisms).

        Professional Operator: He or she is a public or private law person who, while working, carries out one or more of the following activities related to plants and plant products and which he or she is legally responsible for:

        • plant;
        • reproduction;
        • production (including farming, multiplication and maintenance);
        • entrance in the EU and exit from the EU;
        • making available on the market;
        • warehousing, harvest, shipping and transformation.

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          FEEDENTITY allows you to comply with the EU Regulation

          FEEDENTITY gives professional operators the possibility to:

          • manage their company data (managing the company data starting from the production units, associating roles and permissions with each operator, managing the equipment used for fertilization and treatments);
          • manage the traceability of their products (it allows to manage all the traceability and warehouse activities, such as information about provider and plants with their passports, to manage all the movements within the production units and to register all the cultivation activities and find the person who bought that batch with its passport);
          • create the traceability boards and the register of the agricultural activities respecting laws and regulations (creating a document which complies to the regulations in force that can provide a sort of ID of the product useful for the next agro-food chain stages and for the competent authorities).
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            Choose your favourite plan:


            Number of operators

            Data of the company

            Crops and plant species 


            Plant protection treatments and fertilization 

            Plant product warehouse, fertilizers, pesticides and other products

            Cadastral data based on Google Maps

            Check on integrated or organic defence regulations

            Plant/Plant nursey management

            Tags and plant passport

            Compliance with the new 2016/2031 EU Regulation

            A team of agronomists and agrotechnicians supporting you for duties related to the new Regulation

            Management of production batches, plant protection treatments, fertilizations, irrigations in compliance with the new EU Regulation

            Management of all the operations made on batches (cultivation operations, use of traps and auxiliaries), etc.

            Management of the Transportation Document

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