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For producers and farms of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to large structured farms.
With Feedentity, you can manage all the necessary activities for your organization, optimize business processes and you can also reduce the risk of incurring administrative penalties.


It is a system aimed at plant producers of all types, nurseries, importers and exporters. In addition to managing all processes of plant production and sale, it simplifies the traceability and management of plant passports in a way that complies with EU Regulation 2016/2031.


Feedentity enables Cooperatives, POs and AOPs to manage all traceability processes collaboratively and integrate with management. Managing activities with their members becomes simple, fast and efficient, and the Feedentity method reduces management and administrative costs.

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Feedentity is the point of reference in the field of agricolture for all people who want to enhance Italian quality production and at the same time guarantee safety and total transparency to the entire agribusiness supply chain.


With Feedentity you can manage your business quickly and easily even from mobile devices.


Feedentity is the tool that allows you to ensure the traceability of your products in a simple and intuitive way.


You can keep track of the status of your land in real time and wherever you are saving time and money.


With Feedentity you will be able to interact with all operators in the agribusiness supply chain and manage the entire production process .


Feedentity allows you to increase the quality of your work, your product, your company and the entire production chain

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What is Feedentity

It is an online system for agricolture where you can develop all the skills needed to simplify your company’s work with simple strategies that can be applied by anyone.

Feedentity is the solution with which hundreds of Companies and Enterprises have already achieved tangible results, concrete advantages and visible benefits from the very first weeks and with which you can achieve them too!

Use the system’s features now:

  • Create the treatment register with a click
  • Streamline administrative and management processes
  • Reduce the risk of incurring administrative penalties
  • Increase the quality of your productions
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Why you should choose Feedentity

Corporate dashboard
Land registry geolocation
Company process management
Multi Company

Our team

Feedentity is staffed by highly trained and diverse personnel.


Our team of agronomists is able to follow all field needs.


Our programmers are ready to give you a complete and easy-to-use platform.


For the creation of precision agriculture tools and 4.0 ready.


Our consultants will be able to show you the best way to optimize your work

Our Clients

Here are some of our clients


Che Orto




Azienda Agricola Gianni Di Girolamo

Rocca delle Macìe


They said about us

Emanuele and Fabrizio explain how to use the system step by step, as if you were by their side. By applying these techniques I have become number one on my terriory, increasing and maximizing the profits of my company

Gianni di Girolamo
Administrator of Az. Agricola Gianni Di Girolamo

We were one of the first companies to join; we have been working traditionally for about 1.5 years, and since we have been using Feedentity we have been able to improve the whole traceability system and speed up our work, optimizing time for farm advisory activities

Cristiana Saurini
Technical Agrieuropa Soc. Coop Agricola

I was amazed at the simplicity of this system, and I continue to receive value and support because of the great community that has been created. In addition, the Feedentity technicians are always open to suggestions to make the system more usable and intuitive

Stefano Proietti

Feedentity is a state-of-the-art tool for modern farm management that is easy, intuitive and can be consulted at any time from my cell phone. It is an excellent support that provides the information needed to operate in the best possible way and make the right choices in management: choice of low-risk agrochemicals, monitoring of infections, use of biological means, and last but not least, traceability of products and operations related to them!

Daniel Lamberti
Agricultural businessman

I have used many systems, but I have never seen one like Feedentity. The ability to draw my field directly on Google Map and automatically calculate cadastral data is an option that saves me time and money.

Francesco Proce
Agronomist experienced in olive, almond and fruit trees

Feedentity gives me the ability to keep track of all the processes in my company, to schedule activities on time, and to coordinate the work of my collaborators.Since using this system I have much more time for my family, and I thank Emanuele and Fabrizio for guiding me along this path.

Gioia Luce
Agricultural businesswoman

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Feedentity is two realities at the same time: a system for companies in the field of agricolture and a community of digital entrepreneurs. Here you can learn how to simplify administrative, management and accounting processes, decrease costs and expenses, and maximize profits. You will also find a group of amazing people always ready to help you!

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Are you an enterpreneur in the field of agricolture? You absolutely must learn strategies to simplify administrative and management processes, decrease expenses and costs, and maximize your company’s profits! Today, agronomy combined with strategic IT innovation is the secret weapon to dominate the market and achieve success. Unfortunately, you have no choice, either digitize your business or risk going out of business. Sign up for FREE, access your reserved area and get your Dedicated Plan based on your personal and professional needs.

On our part, there will be maximum effort to bring you to see results from the very first weeks, however, we cannot make any kind of promises because, as you well know, this will depend on you! Remember that success at high levels requires hard work, strong passion and great perseverance!

It is good for all activities related to the field of agricolture. In Feedentity, the best strategies for streamlining administrative and management processes, decreasing expenses and costs, and maximizing profits for all types of Agribusinesses are explained.

Feedentity is unlimited in time! You can also decide to remain a FREE member for life and you will still be welcome. Or you can get your Annual Dedicated Plan and be Part of our club with unlimited updates, structured training and ongoing support.

ABSOLUTELY! Feedentity’s live events are epic events where you can meet the whole community, have fun with us, and, of course, learn from the best agribusiness professionals in Europe and many professionals from other industries.

Just call our number and you will have a team of experts on hand to promptly resolve any type of request. In addition, initial trainings are provided once you activate the software for the first time!