Feedentity Nursery is a system aimed at plant producers of all types, nurseries, importers and exporters and is dedicated to internal traceability and plant passport management in a manner that complies with EU Regulation 2016/2031.

What is Feedentity Nursery

It is a new generation platform that allows you to manage your productions, internal traceability, the printing of the plant passport and business processes resulting from all legal obligations of EU Regulation 2016/2031, Legislative Decree 150/2012 and NAP.
With Feedentity you will have at your disposal a team of agrotechnicians and agronomists who will advise you on the best way to manage your farm, avoiding administrative penalties.
In addition, the Feedentity method will allow you to have under control at any time, even from smartphone and tablet devices, all the activities and work of your employees increasing business efficiency and reducing management costs.

    Why Feedentity Nursery was born

    Feedentity Plant was first released on December 14, 2019, the day EU Regulation 2016/2031 came into effect. Thus, the system was created with the very purpose of helping plant companies to be compliant with this regulation.

    The ratification by the European Commission of this new regulatory framework is aimed at improving phytosanitary defense in the Union area, which has often been found lacking in recent years. The best known cases of criticality in the field of the spread of harmful organisms are undoubtedly the case of Xylella fastidiosa, Popilia japonica and Anoplophora chinensis that have directly involved our country as well.

    The full text of the regulations can be found at this link.

    Who are the stakeholders

    Regulation 2031/2016 speaks of professional operators, identifying them as those individuals who professionally carry out one or more activities related to plants, from planting to breeding to storage and trade. In short, all actors in the supply chain are affected and not just those who import or export plants or plant material (i.e., objects that may contain or spread harmful organisms, such as substrates).

    Professional operator (PO): It is an entity under public or private law that carries out in a professional capacity one or more of the following activities in relation to plants and plant products and is legally responsible for them:

    • Planting;
    • Reproduction;
    • Production (including cultivation, multiplication and maintenance);
    • Introduction into and leaving the territory of the Union;
    • Making available on the market;
    • Storage collection shipment and processing.

    What changes with the introduction of the Regulations

    The new EU Regulation keeps all previously established obligations unchanged, such as the plant passport, and introduces a substantial new feature: the requirement for full traceability of agricultural production.

    This means that for each unit of production it must be possible to construct its history, from breeding to marketing. Total traceability will serve, in the case of the identification of a harmful organism on a batch of plants, to trace and control all the operators in the chain who contributed to the production process.

    The passport must consist of a label physically affixed to the sales unit and must indicate the traceability code, from which it is possible, at the request of the competent authority, to determine all the movements that the plant material has made during its production history.
    Each farm may have a pest risk management plan, aimed at communicating in advance to the competent authorities the production methods and methods of counteraction adopted in the event that a pest is identified. This voluntary management plan should have the function of streamlining controls at producers.

    Illustrative image of a plant passport with the inscription feedentity

    What are the benefits of Feedentity Nursery


    Simplifies business processes and makes it easy to be compliant with the law


    The cost incurred by businesses to comply with the requirements of the new EU Regulation 2016/2031 is very high, the printing of passports is already costly in itself, and the labor required to manage this activity has an even higher cost. With Feedentity, the time spent on these activities is reduced

    Everything under control

    The advantage of having everything at your fingertips, the ability to know at any time the critical issues related to procurement and production status, the complete control of the activities of all operators allow you to reduce the time spent on organizational activities and legislative compliances


    Feedentity is not just a simple software, it is a methodology for success, it is the possibility of having technicians, agronomists and agrotechnicians, who follow your activities and who canerase all your doubts

    With Feedentity you are compliant with the regulations

    FEEDENTITY gives all professionals the opportunity to:

    Manage the organization’s data

    Manage your farm data from production units, associate each operator with roles and permits, and manage equipment used for fertilization and treatments.

    Manage product traceability

    illustrazione del concetto di tracciabilità

    Allowing them to manage all traceability and warehouse operations from supplier and supply registration with relevant passport, to manage all movements within their production units, and to record all cultivation practices and identify the buyer of that lot with relevant passport.

    Creating the campaign notebook

    Creation of a document that is fully compliant with current regulations and can provide a kind of product identity card useful both to subsequent stages of the supply chain and to the relevant authorities.