Our team

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Emanuele Tosti
Co-Founder / CEO
Fabrizio Ferraiuolo
Co-Founder / CTO
Valentina Bondi
Administration Manager
Francesco Tovo
Front-End Development Manager
Lorenzo Grossi
Back-End Development Manager
Davide Lambertini
Account manager
Chiara D’Elia
Expert in agro-industrial technology
Vanessa Tigli
Agronomic support
Alessandro Giuliani
OP Consultant
Foto di Fabrizio ed Emanuele con la pergamena della medaglia d'oro vinta al Macfrut 2018

The founders

Emanuele Tosti and Fabrizio Ferraiuolo are the creators and founders of Feedentity, the platform that has helped hundreds of Agribusiness Entrepreneurs since 2015 to date to change their business processes by optimizing them and providing them with tools to increase their value.

The Feedentity project was born from decades of experience in consulting to Agricultural Producers, Nurseries, Producer Organizations and Cooperatives for process management and quality certifications and enjoys participation in innovative projects carried out with Universities and Research Centers and in software development projects for multinational companies in teams with a very high and international level of know-how.
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Emanuele Tosti and Fabrizio Ferraiuolo together started a group of experienced software developers, agronomists and agrotechnicians that to this day constitutes the heart and soul of a strong and well-established company that continues to produce highly innovative and high quality work.

Emanuele Tosti is to date considered an expert in the agribusiness sector in Italy, helping companies and professionals find the exact strategy for their project. With him you will be able to optimize business processes and give added value to your company. Emanuele will guide you in implementing the winning strategies that will change the quality of your business work.

Fabrizio Ferraiuolo is to date known to be an expert in the field of information technology in Italy, he is a Software Architect capable of transforming an idea into a highly innovative product. Known for his ability to simplify, no matter the type of your company, Fabrizio will provide the most effective system to help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time, leading you to dominate the market.