Member Management like you’ve never had it before

Feedentity enables all Cooperatives, Producer Organizations and P.O.s to manage their members in a simple, convenient and intuitive way.
It allows you to monitor all activities carried out by member companies from any device and keep track of OP event deadlines.

Features for the individual company

With the Multi-Farm package, Feedentity allows you to have full control over the individual farms that make up your producer organization.
Key features for managing the individual farm include Feedentity:

  • Creation of the Field Notebook and Treatment Log;
  • Geolocation of fields and greenhouses and calculation of cadastral data;
  • Warehouse management;
  • Management of production batches;
  • Compliance with current regulations, GlobalGap certification and specifications for organic and conventional farming.

To learn more about this section, visit the FARMING FARMS page.

Cooperation and Integration

The key words of Feedentity are cooperation and collaboration. In particular, Feedentity enables horizontal cooperation within one’s organization and vertical collaboration between all Producer Organizations in the supply chain and also with end consumers.

All Feedentity features are designed for fast integration with existing agriculture, management and IoT systems.

Operational plan management

Through Feedentity, the operator is able to manage the activity of reporting P.O. events by entering them directly within the campaign notebook, guaranteeing traceability.
The event is automatically reported within the CE1 model, which is generated and made eligible for submission to the Control Body in maximum compliance with the deadline limits.
In addition, Feedentity makes it possible to keep track of the progress of the implementation of the approved expenses of the Annual Operating Plan.
The system enables compliance with the guidelines set by Regulation (EC) 1234/2007.

Image depicting the "events to communicate" feature for a producer organization in the Feedentity platform

Production data available to the entire supply chain

The Cooperative, the P.O., the processor can access the production lot data of their suppliers.

For example, the mill can optimize production activities by knowing the batches that are ready for harvesting and, in turn, improve the delivery process.

Technicians managing multiple companies have at their disposal the summary of all the companies’ operations, and the time required to access information is greatly reduced.

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